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Re: [tlug] Suse blues

>>>>> "jb" == Jonathan Byrne <> writes:

    jb> I don't know if I'd want to run a server on [`sid'] (a LAN
    jb> server maybe),

Mission critical, I think not.  A mission critical server probably
wouldn't run _any_ canned distro; instead, I'd have versions "pinned"
to "what works" (if only that were an option! ;-)

But consider this: I update my mailserver about as often as my
workstation, with about 700 packages installed on the first and 2100
on the latter, both are `sid'.  But right now I'm looking at 22
upgrades on the mail server, and a whopping 197 on the workstation.
Ie, the critical core is a _lot_ more stable than the frothy apps.

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              ask what your business can "do for" free software.

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