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Re: [tlug] Suse blues

Lyle worked for you off the bat....

maybe I SHOULD try the CDs as opposed to the DVD (though SHOULD not make a
difference I expect).  By the way, I have never had a DVD drive before,
but it said to place the correct side first time I used it.  I
assume that I don't have to turn the DVD over, right?

> All of the letter was from me.  What I did was to try a new install in
> Japanese - and that worked out fine.

Could you then use Japanese even if you switched languages?
And do so in most programs? Without having to go into
The terminal to set it up for Japanese?  Specifically, K-mail,
Open Office, Mozilla (composer) are the things I need most.

My installing in Japanese and then staying in the Japanese interface did
not work for Kanji..I got the “A” as you did and got Hiragana, but a
message about not being able to go on when I pressed “space”

>Then - I went to another computer
> that had been installed with the setting in English - and tried the
> method I mentioned... ....The
> current result is that Japanese is working in the machine with the new
> (Japanese) install, but still not working in the English install
> version.  When I find time, I'll go back over the different advice
> people have offered and type in whatever to get it fired up.

It is mysterious why it doesn’t work for me…a straight Japanese new install.

>>Then later i can work on doing same with English menus.  Seems that
>>be out of the box, but who knows.
> When I last did an install with Red Hat, it clearly and logically allows
> you to pick a main language, and then to pick languages supported.  I
> liked that much better than the way it seems to be in SuSe - where they
> sort of force you to install in one language only and then you have to
> go back to add things (there must be a way to do that in the initial
> install, but I couldn't find it).  In my case though, the Japanese
> worked well right off after the Japanese version install.

Yes…wish it did for me…but since you write more on Red Hat below that is
not as positive, I will wait a bit. Thanks for the info on the Suse
available at that shop.  Saves me a trip…

Re the cost, paid the same ---it was like 70 or 80 dollars, but then they
added shipping. (But my memory fails me…I am not sure now whether it was
in Australian dollars or U.S.)

By the way, that was interesting about the two button mouse solution…I
noticed that copy/paste often does not work in various things…
> In my previous installations of Red Hat, I installed Japanese language
> support, but was unable to write anything in Japanese, so I think it may
> be a similar situation to where you already are.  When I get a chance,
> I'll pick up a magazine with Fedora and try tossing it into a test
> computer to see how it turns out.

Hopefully it is easier.  I didn7t realie they are distributing those in
magazines…That would be one way….

Thanks again for the feedback!


Paul Arenson

TokyoProgressive Editor

IndyMedia Japan Editor

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