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Re: [tlug] Upgrade to Kernel 2.6 question

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 10:43:23AM +0900, Alessandro Mantelli wrote:
> HEllo,
> Using Debian upgrading and installing Kernel 2.6.0.
> I ve tried both to compile the kernel by myself and install a kernel image.
> During the boot the log repeat 5,6 times the following error:
> /etc/modules.conf
> Error line 9,10,11,12
> Now if I open the modules.conf there is a message saing that I can't edit
> that file.
> I tied to look at the files in modutils but without solving anything.

Hrm, I thought Deb did that automatically---you need to do 

apt-get install module-init-tools

This replaces modutils.  Also rather than modules.conf there will be a
new file called modprobe.conf (IIRC, in FreeBSD at this instant).


Scott Robbins

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