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Re: [tlug] Email Backup with Exim

>>>>> "jb" == Jonathan Byrne <> writes:

    jb> IANAL either either, but most companies also have a written
    jb> policy (which employees usually have to sign) that basically
    jb> states anything you create/ write/even think up on company
    jb> time or company business belongs to the company, not to you.
    jb> This would certainly apply to business email as well.  I have
    jb> no copy right over anything I produce for my employer,
    jb> including email I send.

This is not true in the EU, which defines both a set of economic
rights, which are transferable, and a set of author's rights, which
are not.  I think the author's rights only apply to things that in the
US would be potentially (but expensively) actionable under the libel
laws, but I'm not sure.  I would assume that keeping copies of
employee business mail is covered by the economic rights you can
transfer but IANAL.

Again, the point is not that any given practice is known to be
prohibited, rather that if you are doing business in a country where
the fines are bigger than the lawyer's retainer (which may or may not
include Pakistan ;-), you should get a lawyer to look at your
practices for potential risks.

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