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Re: [tlug] anyone used a OpenBlockS266

	Hmmm interesting device.   The size factor is really nice however at 
price point they're asking I'd be more akin to just buying a mini ITX
board and appropriate case and hacking together my own solution
as finding replacement parts will be slightly easier and the toolchain
just got a lot easier.

	Although I'd have to compare the power usage as that could
be a significant difference.  Not sure though.


On Nov 28, 2003, at 11:42 PM, Edward Middleton wrote:

> I was taking a stroll round Akihabara last weekend and found these.
> They looked like the perfect home Linux server/router solution.  Has
> anyone used one of these.  The price seems rather excessive, but might
> be less hassle then trying to hack a LinkSys router into doing 
> something
> similar.
> They seem to have development tools available for download but the
> software that comes with them seems to be aimed mostly at windows
> users.  Has anyone had experience using their tool chain or compiling
> software for these systems.
> Edward
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