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Re: [tlug] Japanese Word processor for linux


kate editor of KDE allows to input japanese, reads any file encoding and store 
the file in any encoding.


On Thursday November 27 2003 12:17, Sam Joseph wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was looking back through the list archives for hints on how to input
> japanese characters under linux.  I found various mails and this summary:
> I managed to get the kinput2 to work (I am using Redhat) but when I
> tried to compile the java files I had edited, I got various illegal
> character exceptions.
> Basically the situation is that I have a framework that was written
> under windows and makes use of some Japanese characters as Strings in
> java files.  The encoding there is Shift_JIS and that all works fine.
> I am now porting to linux and I would love to be able to run the exact
> same program, ideally with Shift_JIS characters - checking the code out
> of Perforce onto my Linux box seems to leave the Shift_JIS characters
> unreadable.  I was wondering if there was some kind of (ideally free)
> japanese word processor for linux that would let me create files in
> different japanese encoding formats like NJStar or JWPce do for windows.
> It may of course be that I just need to set my Java environment on linux
> correctly to allow me to compile the files - any suggestions very
> gratefully received.
> Thanks in advance.

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