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Re: [tlug] Japanese Word processor for linux

>   I was wondering if there was some kind of (ideally free) japanese word 
> processor for linux that would let me create files in different japanese 
> encoding formats like NJStar or JWPce do for windows.

OpenOffice will do that for you -- just save it as encoded text an 
deselect "automatic file extention".  You can then save it as and select from a few japanese encoding formats in a 
little dialog box.

(note: OpenOffice 1.1.0 under RH9 had some input problems with Kanji so I 
had to pop in canna from if you try and it crashes -- just ask 
what to do.)

I also use jedit which is a common open source editor -- you are limited 
to Shift_JIS with that though.

They both have created compilable java source files with Shift_JIS 
encoding for me, but I am nice to them which may or may not have something 
to do with it.

Also if you want the translation ability of JWPce, you can use jgloss 
(check for it at sourceforge).  It is not an editor though, so doesn't 
have the ability to save to other formats other than it's own or html, xml 
etc but those won't help you with java source code.

> It may of course be that I just need to set my Java environment on linux 
> correctly to allow me to compile the files - any suggestions very 
> gratefully received.

If you do:

$ which javac

do you get anything back?
> Thanks in advance.


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