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Re: [tlug] Question on RAID

On 2003/11/13, at 14:42, Sanjay Chigurupati wrote:

> Hi,
>  I am implementing a Software RAID (level 1 -mirroring)  for a server,
> using two hard disks. Is it necessary that we put boot partition on  a 
> partition?

I would advise it, if you want the system to come up with one of the 
disks broken.  /boot on RAID-1 does work fine on RH9, but you do need 
to do an interactive song-and-dance to get GRUB set up properly for 
this.  The grub-install script does not work properly for boot on 
software RAID-1.

> I have currently set /home, / and /var on raid partitions.  Purpose is 
> to
> provide availability for, ftp documents uploaded for users,  ftp 
> software
> as test setup.
> All suggestions welcome.

If this is the OS drive, I would recommend making the two drives exact 
partition clones of each other, down to the cylinder numbers, then set 
them all up as RAID-1 (md0, md1, md2, etc) during the installation on 
RH. (it is a bit trickier to retrofit but possible).  Make sure if 
these are ATA disks that there are no slave drives (each on its own 

Once you do the manual grub install on the second drive, you can bring 
the machine up with either drive missing to test, (be sure to resync/ 
re-add them when you reconnect the 'failed' drive)

> Sanjay
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