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Re: [tlug] Linux powers throw weight behind desktop version

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 08:29:58 +0900, Blomberg David <> 

> On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 19:24, Sanjay Chigurupati wrote:
>> FYI,
> No less than two weeks ago Red Hat said Linux is not ready for the
> desktop (in response to Novells buying of SuSE) now they chnaged their
> mind I guess they meant any distro other than Red Hat they don't want to
> see on the desktop <internal FUD is worse than external FUD and Red
> Hatis getting too good at it>

I guess you don't like RedHat.  What they said is they plan to improve it.

  Specifically, Red Hat is working on making desktop Linux:

• Easier to use, with a more polished interface, integrated search and 
instant-messaging software, better office software such as word 
processors, and improved configuration tools;

• More interoperable with Microsoft products, including Active Directory, 
Exchange, Windows Media and Microsoft Office file formats;

• Better at connecting to corporate computing services such as remote 
management software, user authentication, and calendar and messaging 

What I liked what the OSDL saying

"Our user advisory council, as well as a number of our current 
(information technology) member companies, have expressed an interest in 
doing the same sort of investment of driving Linux to the 
we're doing with the data center,"

Who said anything about it being ready?  Why the RedHat bashing?


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