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Re: [tlug] im-ja: A Japanese input module for GTK2

On 19 Feb 2003 22:00:42 +0900
Ryan Shaw <> wrote:

> Well, the apps I use are almost all gtk2 these days or soon will be
> (like GNU emacs), so it's not really a disadvantage for me.
I'm thinking similarly, this is why I want to have a decent environment for
japanese input. Though IIIMF is on the horizon, I don't think it's something
that will have full (and usable) Japanese support and replace GTK input modules
very soon.

> I do, and I hate it. But for some reason I thought kinput2 was the
> kinput2 + freewnn much better?
Kinput2 never dies with freewnn for me. If you are using canna and the kinput2
status window just disappears sometimes (quite annoying right?) without being
able to activate it again, then try freewnn.
> > And also it would be cool if somebody would like to participate 
> > in the effort.
> I'm interested. Anything simple I could start out on to get my feet
> wet? I'm an experienced programmer but have never done any GTK stuff.
Excellent! You are the first taker.
GtkIMContext with canna and freewnn and a bunch of signals might be a bit
complicated, but it's not something you cannot learn in a few days if you have
plenty of programming experience. 

One nice thing I thought of is a gui configurator. This might be a good start to
get your feet wet with GTK and learn the basics. 
The im-ja configurator could be called by a hotkey (eg a popup window saying
"press F1 to configure"), and also would work as a standalone program for
writing a config file. 
It would store settings such as status window position (under the caret,
bottom-left corner of the client window, fixed position), conversion server
options, like [canna|freewnn] server port, hostname and such. Nobody wants
.Xresources, environment variables or tons of switches. 
The implementation is up to you (if you want to start on this), you make your
own config file parser and make it a plain gtk app, or use GConf and make it a
full featured Gnome program.
Or if you have any other ideas then I'm all ears. 

I'll try to set up a CVS repository (maybe tomorrow, or over the weekend), so it
would make it easier to co-develop im-ja. Probably it will be on sourceforge,
unless TLUG can host such a project, or somebody knows anything better. 


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