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Re: [tlug] guys password protect the archives

>Quoth Matt Doughty (Wed 2003-02-12 11:33:56PM +0900):
>> I just got spammed at this account, and the only likely source is someone
>> spidering the archives.  
>I would recommend requiring authorisation to the ML/ and MLadm/

Well, if our addresses have been spidered already this all will not help because the damage has been done. Within a couple of month every spammer on this planet will have our e-mail addresses and a tsunami of spam will be coming our way.

When I was a young Internet virgin in 1994 I signed up with the then Internet Access Center (IAC) in Roppongi, happily shopping, posting to newsgroups and discussion boards and chatting. In spite of selling out to in 1998/9 (?) IAC kept my pop-account open (now The e-mail address I got in 1994 I kept using until late last year, when it became just imbearable to deal with the huge quantities of spam. The ratio was sometimes as bad as 90 spam to 1 legitimate message. No matter if you use Spampal, Spamassassin or the like, after 5-7 years an e-mail address change is the only thing one can do to preserve sanity.

I get sick thinking of all the time I spent fiddling with computers trying to stop spam, rather than doing useful things like meeting friends, making love, doing sports.


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