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[tlug] (2)Suse 8.1 Disks - WhereAreTheyForSale?

Suse 8.1 is at the US Amazon site (orders only shipped within the US it
says), but not at the Japan site!  Is there any way to buy it in Japan? 
I would think there must be, but haven't been able to locate it yet...


I went to the LaOx in Akihabara with an entire floor of software today,
and while they have an island mostly devoted to Linux, they don't have
Suse!  I went to a
couple of other stores, and they didn't either.  (I did buy that distro
a couple of years back at the former T-Zone - now AsoBitCity).  LaOx had
a slew of other
distros I'd never heard of, so I don't know why not Suse.....  After
sending this e-mail, I'll see if it's at Amazon-Japan.  Other than that,
does anyone know if
they sell it at Yodobashi Camera or else where I can get the boxed set? 



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