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Re: [tlug] can't post to Mandrake expert.


Thanks for your help with my mail problem, If your reading this mail, it 
means that I have re-set my MTA and it working.  One more question, I'm using 
Postfix and for sending mail, I'm set my MTA to sendmail. ok when I do a 
sendmail -bp I see one message stuck in the mail que, but all other mail has 
gone out that was stuck there before. here is a copy!

002D910704      538 Sat Mar 30 00:50:11
        (Name service error for Host not found, try again)

This has been there for the last 3 days! how do I trash it! and clear the 


On Thursday 28 March 2002 22:10, Jack Morgan wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 10:48:49PM +0900, Gavin wrote:
> > I'm using Mandrake 8.0 and for the last few months I've been posting to
> > the expert users group and so far I've seen none of my posts, also many
> > of my friends have informed me that they have mailed me and I have not
> > received anything.. It's driving me mad!!Does anyone have any ideas why
> > this is happening??  help
> You need to give us a little more information. Just from what you told us,
> my advice would be to ditch Mandrake :-)
> Possibilities include:
> --MTA (aka mail server) is mis-configured
> --Your domain is "blacklisted" (eg was used to send spam) and the Mandrake
> MTA is dropping you mail
> I suggest looking in your mail que from mail that hasn't been delivered,
> which means your mail client dropped off your mail to your MTA and your MTA
> hasn't sent your mail off your PC. If your MTA is sendmail try: sendmail
> -bp
> Also, try sending mail to yourself from a hotmail account. If that returns
> to you, have a look at the headers which should say why it was returned to
> you, or post them here.
> Hope this helps,

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