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[tlug] Re: cup/paste buffer - encoding

Tony Laszlo <> writes:

> * With maboroshi no uxterm, what happens to the encoding of the cut 
> and paste selection buffers? Is that dependent on the locale? 
> * I notice that uxterm is included in the latest versions 
> of X . Will it not run on, say, XFree86-4.1.0-15? 

/usr/X11R6/bin/uxterm is just a shell script, which switches LC_CTYPE
to an UTF-8 locale and starts xterm in UTF-8 mode.

I.e. if you are running with LANG=ja_JP.eucJP, this script will do

LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.UTF-8 xterm -class UXTerm -title 'uxterm' -u8

This will work on XFree86-4.1.0 as well. The '-u8' option is
superfluous for quite some time already, xterm will set it
automatically when the locale charmap is UTF-8.

Mike Fabian   <>

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