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[tlug] Drag and Drop?


You should really start a new thread, instead of replying to an old thread
and changing the subject line.

> Is there a bug with 7.2 when you try to put the icon on the
> task bar. I set mozilla to the latest netscape version and it
> seems to dissapear after some time...?
> How do I create another icon on the task bar? Is there
> a drag and drop mechanism as there is in Billie Rando...

also, a little more info is helpful, eg 7.2 means RH7.2? Gnome, KDE, or other...      
I use windowmaker so I'm drawing from memory, but I recall just right clicking
on the task bar and follow the menus to creating an icon

I don't know wtf Billie Rando is so can't compare ;-)

jack_morgan						NetBSD is the BSD

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