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Re: [tlug] Speaking of things that make you feel stupid...

>>>>> On 26 Mar 2002, "Josh" == Josh Glover wrote:

  Josh> probe- scsi or probe-scsi-all. The system gives me a warning
  Josh> about how the command might hang the box, and to issue a
  Josh> reset-all first. Well, reset- all also reboots the machine. I
  Josh> read somewhere that you need to Stop-A it before the reboot
  Josh> kicks in, but it does not work here.


ok> set auto-boot? false

, then reset-all followed by probe-scsi-all. Don't forget to switch
later back to 'set auto-boot? true'.

  Josh> Hmm... so you can't use slice 2?

You actually can but it's not recommended simce some system command are 
using slice 2 (for example prtvtoc, fmthard). But if you really need 
8th slice -- go ahead :)

  Josh> Are there any tricks to the partition editor? I guessed that the
  Josh> table was just mount point and size. I hope that I didn't miss
  Josh> anything.

Try not to make ovelapping slices


 Dmytro Koval'ov
 Linux Ukrainian:

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