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[tlug] RE: User-friendliness and windows and Linux

I for one think that widows is a necessity. Well, not windows so much, but
the whole concept of an OS that is useable for computer illiterates, and at
the moment Windows fits that bill. I would dare say that a lot of people
here (or aywhere) would not have started with *nix as there first OS(that
would depend on age as well, 15 years ago we didnt have Windows). Windows
will help raw newbies to grasp a lot of concepts that are common throughout
all computers. I think that Windows actually brings in a lot more new PC
buyers than Linux ever will for the forseeable future. Which is a great
thing, because then those users soon get bored of Windows and want to look
for something more fun/challenging....enter Linux.

  I think that the day that Linux becomes as "user-friendly" as windows, I
will throw my Linux iso's and once again look for somethig which is


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