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Re: [tlug] !!!OT!!! raw cd copy

Mancy, Raymond ( wrote:

> I disagree to a certain extent. I dont think that your 'average' user really
> cares what is under the hood,

Yeah, but that sort of average user (as opposed to your average
Linux or *BSD user, who cares a great deal about what's under
the hood) should not be using Linux (or even Windows, for that
matter) except under adult, professional supervision.
That is, all of those average users who, as Steve T. very
accurately put it, want a slighly more powerful playstation, 
should really have their computer (doze or otherwise) under
the care of someone who knows what he/she is doing.  The
average user does not, and the more astute of them recognize
this and don't mess around with their computers.

That is a particular user-friendliness problem that afflicts
all OSes, really.  A default install that is pretty secure
but which will do the things the user expects, and can keep
itself uptodate with little or no user intervention.

Windows Update is a good step in that direction, as is Red Hat
Network, although Windows Update can be a little risky (I saw an
XP box that had XP broken by a security update, such that any 
website - even MS's - would crash it.  Pretty hard to do an update
to apply the patch for that one when you need IE to do the update.
Great going, Microsoft).  At least if you break Red Hat's update
agent, you can manually ftp any fixes and install them.  Not
with Windows :-p


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