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Re: [tlug] CD Drive funnies

Sorry, I didn't read carefuly your message......

On Monday 25 March 2002 02:25 pm, Jim Breen wrote:
> [Mauro Sauco (Re: [tlug] CD Drive funnies) writes:]
> >> Have you checked the "audio cable" from the CD-ROM to the Sound-card ???
> >> You should have the IDE or SCSI cable plus a cable for audio that
> >> connects you CD-ROM to the sound-card .....
> Hmmm. A bit difficult to do with a laptop....
> Anyway, I tried it under Windows, and the same problem happens there
> (last time I tried an audio CD about a year ago, it was OK with
> Windblows.)
> So it appears I may actually have soemthing broken/unplugged in there.
> Jim

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