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Re: [tlug] epcEditor

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Moyle <> writes:

    Michael> I don't think it is possible to easily automate certain
    Michael> tasks without a shell language of some kind.

True.  But nothing says you need to remember it by words.  I once
consed up a GUI (using Glade) called "pipeline constructor".  That was
menu-based (wxPython, IIRC), but it wouldn't be hard to do it dnd,
just like Glade itself.  Then you'd pop up "resource dialogs" to set
things like command line options and unusual redirections.  You could
extend to conditional constructs.

ISTR NeXTStep had some tools like this.

    Michael> Sun and Mac still play by the own the OS, own the
    Michael> hardware mantra.  Somehow apple doesn't see why MS has
    Michael> succeeded and they are just a niche market.  Maybe Linux
    Michael> is the only competition.

I think you're giving Sun too little credit and missing their business
vision.  I'm not so sure about Mac.

Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences
University of Tsukuba                    Tennodai 1-1-1 Tsukuba 305-8573 JAPAN
              Don't ask how you can "do" free software business;
              ask what your business can "do for" free software.

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