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Re: [tlug] Re: debian japanese

> LC_CTYPE properly (or LANG, I usually just set LC_CTYPE, because I still
> want to have english messages...)

This works!


This looks like a good link. 

My real problem now is that Alt_L is broken in kterm and xterm. By some
miracle it still works in rxvt. 

I have tried disabling canna and kinput and renaming the config files. I
removed all reference to mod1 in /etc/canna/* . Still it is broken. I
have no idea what language-env has done to my system. This is horrible ;) 

ok, if I rename .emacs, emacs -nw will regain use of Alt-Meta. But the
bash command line kterm seens permantly hosed. Has anyone else had this

Does anyone use debian with another input system, like wnn? Maybe I
should switch. 


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