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[tlug] Re: debian japanese

Michael Moyle wrote:

> There are two basic things that need to happen to get mutt working once
> all the fonts are intalled:
> 1. add
> set charset="euc-jp"

Why ?
Mine seems to work fine without that one...
Instead I have
set send_charset="us-ascii:iso-8859-1:iso-8859-15:iso-2022-jp:utf-8"
(Which means on send mutt will pick the best match on sending mails,
e.g. us-ascii for ascii only, iso-8859-1 for german, iso-8859-15
for german with euro symbol, iso-2022-jp for japanese and utf-8 for
anything that doesn't fit in the others...)

> to .muttrc
> 2. make sure your locale ($LANG environment variable) is set to
> ja_JP.eucJP. For kterm and canna input, the LANG variable does not
> need to be set. You can view japanese files and write kana's with
> LANG=C.  For mutt it does. Too bad this wasn't documented anywhere.

Well, it rather is the exception that you don't have to set LANG (or
rather LC_CTYPE) for kterm. For everything else you should always set
LC_CTYPE properly (or LANG, I usually just set LC_CTYPE, because I still
want to have english messages...)

> I am thinking of putting up a web site describing what I did. Does
> this exist somewhere or will this be something new?

Mike Fabian has a nice webpage explaining a lot of stuff:

Tobias								PGP: 0x9AC7E0BC

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