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Re: [tlug] epcEditor

["Stephen J. Turnbull" (Re: [tlug] epcEditor) writes:]
>> And they do nothing to work around the warts of Tcl.  Of course that's
>> not the epc people's job, but I already made that point.  I don't see
>> why you want to give them a gold star for avoiding work that really is
>> needed to enable a large potential audience segment.

Short of hacking deep into the source, you can't so much about Tcl's
warts. Last year I burnt some time trying to get a Tcl/Tk version of
xjdic working. After much hoopla getting the EUC-oriented dictionary and
search engine interfaced with the UTF8-dake Tcl/Tk, it began to work
after a fashion. Since the IME refused to work and cut-and-paste was
dodgey, I gave up for the time being.

I have a Tcl/Tk flashcard system which is looking promising.

>>     Jim> holy water over Canna and kinput2 I could probably get
>>     Jim> Japanese input going.
>> You shouldn't have to do that.  I really don't understand why now that
>> we have a pretty good grasp of what would be better than rigid
>> adherence to POSIX and XIM, people insist in interpreting POSIX and no
>> more.  

I think Jeff Hobbs did more-or-less the Right Thing, but in the absence
of any specific Japanese or Chinese advice the POSIX flaws were not
obvious. After all the number of people who actually want to mix
languages in a serious way is quite small. Until the multiple language
wheel starts to squeak significantly, I can't see a lot of change.

>>     Jim> Some bright spark should throw together an open source XML
>>     Jim> editor. Of course, for the time being the Unix/Linux version
>>     Jim> will have exactly the same input shortcomings.

>> Emacs already has a validating SGML editor, so don't expect me to do
>> it.  :-)

I meant software that could be used by normal human beings.  8-)}


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