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RE: [tlug] epcEditor

Stephen wrote:

>  But that's presumably not a
> matter of handling UTF-8 (eg, Plane 14 tags).  Rather, it's a matter
> of respecting the XML language tags that I'm sure are embedded in the
> dictionary DTD.

There are no language tags in the DTD, or in the document markup. Nothing
except the encoding statement at the top of each XML document. EpcEdit is
handling the documents only based on that (I am happy to send sample files
together with DTD to anyone who is interested).

> Actually, I bet this font choice is even embedded in Charles's style
> sheet, not something the editor does.

Font indicators *are* included in the style sheets for web presentation, but
that has nothing to do with what we are talking about here, which is working
directly on the XML files themselves, where no style sheets are involved. It
is rendering all of the fonts through its own system--whatever that is.

>     Jim> If I were to set up a Japanese locale here, and sprinkle XIM
>     Jim> holy water over Canna and kinput2 I could probably get
>     Jim> Japanese input going.

As Jim guessed in his earlier message, MSIME in the Win32 version works
fine. So again, it is not the case that the program itself does not handle
CJK input.

> Emacs already has a validating SGML editor, so don't expect me to do

There is really a wide gap in terms of perception here, in the issue I am
trying to address, and I realize now that TLUG was probably not a good place
to make this announcement. But it was precisely my inability figure out how
to get Emacs set up to do the things I wanted (most fundamental of which was
to properly handle CJK in UTF-8) that pushed me to search for a more
user-friendly option.

I've heard again and again from my more technically-capable colleagues about
the wonders of Emacs. But the fact is, as I see it from the lower end of
technical skill, unless some people begin to provide some easily usable
applications like the one I introduced yesterday, Linux will continue to
remain a platform limited in its usage to a small coterie of  IT
professionals and skilled hackers, forever being off-limits to the more
average end-user like myself, who would have to stay with locked in the
Redmond prison.

And the more time I spend on Linux lists, the more I believe that this is
precisely the way that most veteran Linuxers would prefer it.



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