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Re: [tlug] EPWING/EB Readers?

[Jim Breen ([tlug] EPWING/EB Readers?) writes:]
>> I have a question about what are some good EB readers for Linux.

Many thanks for the suggestions. (I should have mentioned that I am not
an emacsjin.)

A lot of those suggested packages look very interesting, and I must try
some. I see they use eblib mostly, and I know from past trials that it
expectes complete EBs and not just the HONMON, etc. files.

I revisited the "dic" source, and with a bit of fiddling got it
compiled. The problem seemed to be mainly old non-POSIX includes. Anyway, 
I'm running again, so I'll put it on the backburner.

My expect script is playing up, and I am sure it is because later
versions of tcl handle everything as Unicode, so having strings of EUC
being moved around is leading to some corruption. AFAIK there is no way
to tell tcl's builtin functions that something isn't Unicode, so I
suspect that avenue has dried up.


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