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[tlug] [OT] Mojibake with KDIC, J-OS on Palm

Sorry for the off-topic post (but if someone can point me to a better
forum for this I'd be grateful). I got a new (second hand) Palm III xe
running PalmOS 3.5 with 8 MB of memory so I can install KDIC. I
installed J-OS; kdic, kdic_da, kdicDB, dic-m (but it shows up as dic-s),
and gene-75 dictionary; elisa font, s8 font; X-Master v. 1.4.1. and
radic. In kdic and radic I get all mojibake. Am I missing something? Is
there some basic incompatibility?

Stuart Luppescu -=-        
University of Chicago -=- CCSR 
才文と智奈美の父 -=-    Kernel 2.4.14-xfs                
Even if you can deceive people about a product
 through misleading statements, sooner or later the
 product will speak for itself. - Hajime Karatsu 

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