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[tlug] orinoco

hi all!

i have compiled 2.4.18 without any problems, and have added the latest
verison of the pcmcia-cs package (3.1.33), also without any problems.
however, when i insert my w-lan card, which requires the orinoco_cs.o module
to run, it doesn't work. i have checked /var/log/messages, and it says it
cannot find the orinoco_cs.o module.

the problem i am having now is that i cannot find anywhere in the 'make
menuconfig' the place where i can select this file for (module) compilation.
the corresponding option seems to be CONFIG_PCMCIA_HERMES, but it is nowhere
in the .config file. i have added it manually and right now am trying to
compile a new kernel, but i feel this is a dirty hack and i would appreciate
if somebody could tell my how to do it properly.

the problem is not only with 2.4.18, it occured also with 2.4.16 (and before
i did't have w-lan).

thanks in advance,


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