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RE: [tlug] random in bash [Kmail Notification]

OK, I wrote a bash script that will print one randomly chosen line from a
specified file. 

Eric wanted Kmail to play a randomly picked soundfile every time a mail
arrived. So, if there's a text file listing all the sound files to choose
from (filelist.txt), you could call this script 'randline' and do 

>$ artsplay `randline filelist.txt`

#prints one randomly chosen line from a specified file


#all that piping is because wc -l prints formatted output instead 
#  just a single number
LINECOUNT=`wc -l $INFILE | tr -s ' ' | cut -d ' ' -f 2`

# RANDOM returns 0 - 32767, so normalize it to 1 - LINECOUNT

head -n $LINENUM $INFILE | tail -n 1
# end of script

Paul Richter

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