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Re: [tlug] Help! - I broke dhcp

I'm not sure where you broke, but all the network scripts are in:

look for the corresponding ifcfg-<interface> and verify that

I think that should fix it unless something is really broken.

On Fri, Mar 08, 2002 at 05:28:25PM +1100, Jim Breen wrote:
> Sorry to bore you all, but I need some more specific RH7.2 help.
> The networking aspects of RH7.2 installed and worked fine on my T2800. I
> took it home, plugged it into my home hub (hangs off a cable modem),
> installed my ISP's logon client (3rd party rpm from local Linux people)
> and it worked fine there too.
> The only trouble at home was the hostname became the automatically
> assigned one from the ISP: "CPE-VIC-PIGBOND-blah-blah-blah..." Looks
> great on every xterm and kterm. So I fired up the N/W config tool, and
> hunted around for a hostname. The tool on the Start menu is different
> from the RH7.1 one, but it had a panel with a Hostname entry, in which
> was "localhost.localdomain", and the ISP's DNS servers were listed as
> well by IP address. I changed the hostname to my usual local hostname
> and thought nothing more about it.
> This morning - disaster. It wouldn't even start X, saying it counld,'t
> find that host. I started X by hand (startx) and found the screen and
> put localhost.localdomain back in, but on rebooting I can't seem to get
> the DHCP to contact the ISP. From the stuff in /var/log/messages it
> doesn't look as though DHCP even ran.
> The RH7.1 netcfg has a panel about DHCP and you can force it to run from
> there, but that seems to have vanished with RH7.2
> No-one around here has much RH7.2 experience. Any suggestions? One
> suggestion I got was to remove dhcp and reinstall it. All I want is the
> defaults back.
> Jim
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