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Re: [tlug] Honeypots


Went to see Lance Spitzner's presentation at BlackHat 2001 last summer,
(it was a part of my private trip) which a Linux Journal article wrote
"resembled a rap performance more than a seminar per se" ... those were
energetic young people jumping about the stage ... and there was a whole
bunch of people working on the same probject (including Marty Roesch) each
with a specialised field, telling interesting stories. The presentation
was VERY entertaining. It made me think I'd benefit more from reading
about their experience than doing it myself.

Most of it is in the book (ISBN 0-201-74613-1), also on their web site as

Not having the time/vigilance/skillz to do it properly I'd not attempt it
myself just now ...  I'd be accountable for everything that happens in the
honeypot if I had one, so I wouldn't take it lightly.  Maybe when I become
a housewife with plenty of time and nothing to do, i'll give it a try. :)
(that's like never ... )

I'll list you up as the guest speaker for one of the tlug meetings if you
do decide to do it :) so please let me know how it goes. Go with the OS
you feel most comfortable with. (Linux BSDs both OK)

good luck!

On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Mancy, Raymond wrote:

>  I was wondering if anybody has made one of these before? What OS are
> you running and what services? I know that there are arguments for and
> against them, but it seems like an interesting idea nonetheless. Thats
> if you have the time and the resources....

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