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Re: [tlug] CD Writers

Thank you all for helping me with the CD-Writer.
Got it working!

My primary issues was passing the wrong information to the kernel on Grub.
Once corrected from everything else felt in place.

Incorrect parameter:
Kernel command line: ro root=/dev/hda2 hdb=ide-scsi

Corrected to reflect the correct setting hdd.

月曜日 04 3月 2002 13:30、Jim Breen さんは書きました:
> [Josh Glover (Re: [tlug] CD Writers) writes:]
> >> From: Shimpei Yamashita <>
> >>
> >> > Eric O. Flores wrote:
> >> > > I need to make my cd-r/w able to write images to cd, currently it is
> >> > > working as a normal cd-rom under linux.redhat 7.2.
> >> >
> >> > Burning CD-Rs have nothing to do with fstab. Check out the CD Writing
> >> > HOWTO in your distribution, or read the man pages for mkisofs(8) and
> >> > cdrecord(1).
> >>
> >> You may even have to compile a new kernel, as I do not think (tashika
> >> ni) that the 2.4.7-10 kernel that comes with RH7.2 has SCSI emulation
> >> built in, something that you will need if you have an IDE burner.
> My office system came with a Sony CD burner. I was able to burn CDs OK
> with out-of-the-box RH7.1  No new kernel or anything.
> AFAICR it was just a matter of running mkisofs then cdrecord.
> Jim

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