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Re: [tlug] Strange network problems

On Sat, Mar 02, 2002 at 06:55:44PM -0800, Ray Mancy wrote:
> Hi,
> I got my jcom hooked up today. Before it was hooked up though, I was 
> testing out how my Masq server would work. It seems that RH was 
> automatically loading ipchains, so I rmmod'ed it and started up 
> ip_tables. I ran my firewall/masquerading script and it seemed to be 
> working peachy. I then restarted the linux box, and I couldnt connect to 
> anything!! I cannot ping the local interface from the internal LAN,  and 
> vice versa! I have tried it running ipchains and ip_tables, but the only 
> thing that can ping the external and internal eth cards are themselves!
> Any ideas ?
Does your ipchains/ip_tables rules block ICMP (eg ping) requests? If
so then, try stopping them. You should be able to ping your default gateway. 

What does ifconfig -a report? Are your interfaces up? working? 

ipchains and ip_tables are basically the same. ip_tables is newer and probable
the preferred choice. 


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