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Re: [tlug] ezweb wml specif ?

At 20:02 02/01/31 , you wrote:
>It seems like the format is a bit different from european wap, and I don't
>know how add images or japanese text in a wml file.

ez-web uses both HDML and WML, and more recently XHTML.
the initial implementation was based on the specs from
their SDK (for Windows) will work with ez-web

>Is there an english (or better, french ;) ) specif or ezweb wml ? A linux
>developpement toolkit ?

in Japanese:

And no to go completely off-topic: for a (Linux :) server running
Apache, according to
the settings should be:

AddType text/x-hdml;charset=Shift_JIS .hdml
AddType text/vnd.wap.wml;charset=Shift_JIS .wml
AddType image/bmp .bmp
AddType image/png .png
AddType audio/vnd.qcelp .qcp
AddType application/x-smaf .mmf
AddType application/x-mpeg .amc

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