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Re: [tlug] Java


I will give you the real headstart: after you get the
JDK installed, download jython ( 
Jython is an implementation of Python 
( on the Java JVM. 
The cool kids are using it to develop Java applications
faster :-)


--- "Kentaro A. Kurahone" <> wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 03:53:14PM +0800, Mancy, Raymond wrote:
> > I am an absolute raw newbie to Java, but am wanting to learn and
> practice it
> > on my Linux box. What are the good compilers out there for java on
> linux?
> Uhhhhhh.
> (Yes, i'm not going to point you straight to the
> download.  It only takes ~3 mins to find.)
> > (does it even need a compiler?, I will obviously look into this
> more, but
> > just thought I would quickly throw this out there).
> You really are new to this sort of thing aren't you.....
> > I will be studying it at Uni when I start, So I thought I would
> like to get
> > a headstart on it and use it on my linux machine.
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