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RE: [tlug] quick boot question

Thanks...Its actually a PCMCIA cd-rom. Thats the beauty of working as a
sysadmin, there are always plenty of CD drives lying around to try. I will
try another one and see if its any better.

I'm pretty sure its not the latter problem, I tried using the original CD
that I burnt my copy from...still no go.


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"Mancy, Raymond" <> asked:

> Hi, Just a quickie for you guys. Any reason why I cannot boot the linux
> CD, but it can be booted from another PC, and I can boot an NT disc from
> the SAME drive that I cannot boot the redhat one from. ??

One possibility is that the installer included in your Linux CD doesn't have
a driver for your CD device.  The installer doesn't include all of the Linux
drivers that are available after the install is finished.  (There are two
sub-possibilities here, that there might or might not exist a Linux driver
at all for your CD device.)

Since you can boot an NT CD, obviously your BIOS can handle the CD long
enough to read some fraction of it to start the boot, and then the initially
booted portion of the NT installer takes it from there.  I think probably
your Linux CD gets to the same point but then hangs because the Linux
installer doesn't take it from there.

Another possibility is that your Linux CD isn't burned as cleanly as your NT
CD, and your CD device has lower tolerances than the one on the other PC.

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