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Re: [tlug] C/C++


What you are looking for is not really C/C++ documentation,
it's OS documentation. A lot of system info in Linux
is available under the /proc "virtual" filesystem. 
So you can simply read from these "files" to get some info.

Other stuff is harder. You may be able to access/control it
via the ioctl() function, or you might have to write a
device driver. Next thing you know you are a kernel hacker :-)

Have a look on
There's lots of stuff there.


--- hatsuhiro <> wrote:
> Thank you and again just asking help. Which site can we obtain the
> entire
> lists of commands, functions, headers, etc. of  the C/C++ programming
> langugage in? Especially I'm interested in low-level functions to get
> configuration information from PCI devices inserted in a PC for
> instance.
> Hoshino

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