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Re: [tlug] compiling kernel 2.5

Leonel Davis ( wrote:

> I have tried with 2.4.17 as well but the same results,,, why "stdout" to the
> printer instead of screen ????

By any odd chance, are you passing console=lp0 as a boot
parameter to the kernel?  If you are, and if you compiled
in console on line printer support (CONFIG_LP_CONSOLE=y)
this would happen.

If you aren't passing that as a boot parameter, maybe (and
this is just a guess with nothing to back it up) the
kernel uses the printer as the console of last resort
if you did not give it serial or vty console options.

You should have CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y at the least, since this
lets the kernel use a virtual terminal (by default /dev/tty0)
as the console.  Since you also earlier reported that your
screen was dead, do check these settings (either directly in
your defconfig file or by running the flavor of make config
that you prefer) and verify that you didn't set it to have 
printer console support but not VT console support or serial
console support.

You may also put in CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE=y if you want, but
the one you should definitely have is CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y.


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