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Re: [tlug] compiling kernel 2.5

>>>>> "LD" == Leonel Davis <> writes:

    LD> Hi tlug,

    LD> I've tried to compile the kernel everything seems to be fine
    LD> during the compilation, but, when the kernel boots, something
    LD> weird happend, it starts printing the standard output to the
    LD> printer, and the video is dead..... I guess you need more info
    LD> in order to help, but I dont even know what could be
    LD> wrong... the distribution is Mandrake 8.1 kernel is 2.5.1.

2.[odd number].x are development kernels. You'd better stick to stable
2.4.x series.


    LD> This is the fird time I tried to compile the kernel, and I'm
    LD> so frutated because I tried several times and I get always the
    LD> same result .....

    LD> Any help would be appreciated.
    LD> leonel

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