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Re: Good CJK distro

>>>>> "Tobias" == Tobias Diedrich <> writes:

    Tobias> What is IIIMP ?

A new general input manager protocol, vaguely like XIM but more
general (originated in the Java world) and benefiting from the
experience with XIM.

    Tobias> in Multilanguage support, i can even input Japanese
    Tobias> characters using IME2000 and create and use Directories
    Tobias> with japanese characters in it

You can do this in any reasonable Linux shell, although it takes some
effort in many cases.

    Tobias> [But this is offtopic anyway ^__^ and has it's own
    Tobias> Problems... I can't use german umlauts anymore...])

That's not multilingual support then.

    Tobias> Does anyone know if there is a project to improve
    Tobias> multilanguage console support ?

Mule eterm.el?  ;-)

Or do you mean the Linux console?  You could do it in the framebuffer,
but it will be a bit of work to get the fonts and so on.  You also
have to make some decisions about how to handle the aspect ratio
problem (normally Western alphabetic scripts have approximately a 2:1
aspect ratio, but Asian ideographic scripts are 1:1).  Stick with X11,
I think....

    Tobias> Should there be special XIM Support in the applications
    Tobias> oder should it work without any modifications ?

For anything that's supposed to communicate with kinput2, yes.  If
it's a TTY app in the kterm, then you just need to make sure kterm is
working on the right thing.

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