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Re: Good CJK distro

"Stephen J. Turnbull" wrote:

> LANG=ja, LANG=cn, LANG=kr Netscapes for multilingual input.  Watch for
> IIIMP-supporting browsers.

What is IIIMP ?

I really would like to see better Multilanguage Support in Linux, it's
the main Reason i'm still
running Windows 2000 most of the Time (Which of course is a _big_
improvement over W9x... in Multilanguage support, i can even input
Japanese characters using IME2000 and create and use Directories with
japanese characters in it [But this is offtopic anyway ^__^ and has it's
own Problems... I can't use german umlauts anymore...])

Does anyone know if there is a project to improve multilanguage console
support ?
It would be really cool if the framebuffer console would support Unicode
fonts, so it could display all kinds
of languages simultaneously...
I tried to install and use kinput2 and canna on my german SuSE Linux
distro, but it didn't work all that well so far...
Should there be special XIM Support in the applications oder should it
work without any modifications ?


Tobias Diedrich

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