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Re: mail filtering

"B0Ti" <> wrote:

> Jake Morrison wrote:
> > Christopher Sekiya wrote:
> > Just set up a .forward that contains something like
> > |exec /usr/local/bin/procmail -Y #jake"
> > procmail is a small program (less than 100K), so it
> > shouldn't make that much of a dent in your quota.
> I just did this an hour ago, but for some reason it didn't work. The
> testmail didn't arrive, and did not come back.
> I put $HOME/bin/procmail into the .forward file, since I don't know, where
> exactly my home gets mounted on the mailserver (which I don't have shell
> access to) .
> Is there any way to find out what went wrong?

What _exactly_ did you put in your .forward file ?
On a Sun of my university "|exec /usr/local/bin/procmail" did not work, but
"|/usr/local/bin/procmail" does.
Maybe you should try putting "|/home/yourhomedir/bin/procmail" into the
.forward file.

Tobias Diedrich

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