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Re: RedHat Install on Vaio Z505CR/K fails - HELP!


  Thanks everyone - at least I know someone cares!
I presume the "Missing Operating system" is coming from
the BIOS, but all I can really say is that there are no longer any
messages about Windows 2000 - nothing but the OS message.
  I am trying Steve Turnbulls advice, and disabled the LBA
on the disk. But I presume that I must now re-run lilo (in any
case just rebooting gives me no change), and since I have no
USB-capable boot disk (the attempt to create one during installation
fails, I presume because the install kernel doesn't support the
USB floppy), I must find some other way.
  I discovered that I can use the install floppy in rescue mode
with the rescue image downloaded over the net. That works, and finally
I get a UNIX  prompt, but I seem to have a very limited command set
available. No lilo, not evenm ls. I can mount that disk, but can't see
on it. I'm still working on that - must be something I'm doing wrong.
As a last resort I will just re-install to get lilo re-run, and will
report what happens. Thanks again for all the advice.

Phil R Cummins                       
Frontier Research for Subduction Dynamics  tel(i/d):81/0-468-67-3393
JAMSTEC, 2-15 Natsushima-cho               fax(i/d):81/0-468-67-3409
Yokosuka 237-0061, Japan    

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