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Re: [Partially OT] daylight savings

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas O'Dowd <> writes:

    Thomas> the zone source file. I couldn't find the master file on
    Thomas> my RH6.1 machine but I guess you can download a new

By popular demand, Linux is no longer a source-provided OS, it's
source-available.  If you know how to find things.  :-(

    Thomas> updated one from somewhere every year so you don't have to
    Thomas> change any rules at all???

Of course you change the rules.  The rules are the data.  But the
update you're talking about is moderately pervasive:

       [ls -lR /usr/share/zoneinfo omitted by popular request.]

For efficiency it is compiled and distributed among many files.  This
information is accessed deep in glibc.

    Thomas> Anyone confirm this or the location?

The NIH.  The URL is in the README I posted yesterday.  Or get the
most recent glibc sources.

It's not a single file, there are separate ones for different regions
(more or less by continent).

All these questions and many more are answered in the source.  It's
very self-documenting.

[Aside to Simon Cozens:  there is _excellent_ .sig material in there.]

Answer a FAQ, and feed a guy's interest for a day.
             Give him an URL to the source and keep him busy for weeks.

Wishful thinking, anymore.     *sigh*     When does TUUG start meeting?

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