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Re: free command for video memory

From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Message-ID: <>
>     Takeshi> I think that a video card stores just the current screen,
>     Takeshi> not all the virtual screens.
> Even non-3D-accelerated cards can often use on-board memory not used
> for the virtual screen to store pixmaps and so on, and for
> double-buffering.

Oh, I forgot about cache stuff.

> Presumably Anthony is looking for some way to get at information about
> the various buffers used by the card; the straightforward depth X
> resolution computation is pretty obvious.

You are right.

To answer Anthony's question, it seems to be impossible to get
the VRAM usage on a video card without an XFree86 extension which
gives us some information on VRAM usage.

P.S. I need to read XFree86 source code. :)


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