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Re: free command for video memory

From: Yamagata Hiroo <>
Message-ID: <>
> At 15:54 00/11/06 +0900, you wrote:
> >Is there  a command which shows the memory usage for a video card.  All
> >I really want is to see how much memory is used, any other information
> >displayed is a bonus.
> I think it's just
> vertical pixels*horizontal pixels*colordepth*number of virtual screens
> or some thing, isn't it? 

I think that a video card stores just the current screen, not all the
virtual screens. Window manager, which usually implements virtual screen,
should use heap memory to save virtual screens.
Therefore, a video card uses vertical pixels * horizontal pixels *
color depth.

If you use hardware accelerated OpenGL, it's much more complicated
though. (ie texture, accumulation buffer, stencil buffer, etc.)


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