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Re: cheap distros

I have also been using cheapbytes lately, and I am quite happy.

I just pre-ordered the latest Mandrake distro. Two disks for
$3.99, plus $11 for shipping (US Air mail) to Taiwan. It usually 
takes less than a week for the disks to arrive.


John Seebach wrote:
> For those of you threading along at home: sorry, I deleted the
> original post by accident instead of replying to it.
> I believe someone was asking about where to get distributions cheap.
> Back when I was living in Inaka (and the cost of a train ride to
> Nagoya was about as prohibitive as paying NTT to download a distro),
> I used to order my CD's via the internet from a company in the USA
> ( As I recall, they had pretty good service and
> were dirt cheap, even with the international shipping. There's other
> similar companies out there, and they're probably all decent enough,
> but this is the only one I have experience with. I'd probably check
> their web sites and see who can give you the best price.
> Anyway, if you have a credit card that can pay in USD, that might be
> an option.
> If I was still in Japan, I'd volunteer to organize a CD lending
> library via mail, but I'm not, so I'll leave that up to someone else.
> Cheers.
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