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tlug: Non-member submission from ["Micheal E Cooper" <>] (fwd)

Michael, please subscribe to tlug-post.

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Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 09:20:02 +0900
Subject: BOUNCE    Non-member submission from ["Micheal E Cooper" <>]   

Back from a long break, this is Micheal in Miyazaki. Thanks again for all
the advice on installing Linux in a 486 laptop with no CD and nearly no HDD.
My company bought me a notebook, but the video card is not compatible (or
rather, it should be compatible, being a Chips and Technology board, but the
Red Hat 6.1 graphical install won't even begin), and besides, I still
haven't been able to configure a modem or network card on my system.

Are there any members or any branch groups in Miyazaki Prefecture? Being the
only person I know who even is trying to switch over to Linux makes it very
hard to learn to use this OS.

Also, I read the book recommended by this group -- O'Reilly Running Linux --
and I feel that I really do understand (to some extent) what is going on in
a Linux machine, but the book doesn't really help with using Red Hat 6.1,
since every time I try to use a tool mentioned in RL, the RH sys cannot find
it. Any good RH6 books?

Thank you.

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