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RE: tlug: neighbor table overflow

>>   * neighbor table overflow *
>A colleage says it sounds like it's crawling from the depths
>of the ARP table.
>Why it's doing this is another question, but you at least have
>a starting point.   Perhaps there's a NAT configuration problem,
>or maybe the card is just hosed?  If you're sure everything is correct
>in the NAT config, 

I think I just sorted this out.  Thanks for the advice, Jonathan;
hearing that it *might* not be a hardware problem pushed me to
twiddle the knobs a little longer.

Following a note in a man page (I think a Debian page, but don't
quote me) I had commented out the loopback interface.  Not
necessary with 2.2.x kernels, it said.  Not so, as it turns out.
All smiles now.

Now if I can just get the home machine's modem to respond
to Hayes commands ...


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