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Re: tlug: neighbor table overflow

Selva Nair writes:
 > On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Jonathan Byrne wrote:
 > >  Frank Bennett (~~~~~~~~ ) ( 
 >                  ?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^?
 > >  wrote:
 > >  
 > >  >   * neighbor table overflow *
 > >  
 > >  A colleage says it sounds like it's crawling from the depths
 > >  of the ARP table.
 > Actually spewed out from route.c when the network neighbour table
 > is full even after an attempt at garbage collection. No idea why it
 > happens though. 
 > By the way, though the Linux kernel is truly international with the same 
 > word spelt differently in different files, I think in this case it is 
 > spelt "properly" <neighbour> and not <neigbhor> ;>
Some might consider "neighbor" the proper spelling. Since the kernel
is written by people of almost all nationalities you will certainly
find American and British spelling. This is not a problem as long as
you only have it in error messages. As soon as your function calls
show that kind of distinction you might get in trouble. But as long as 
the Americans or British don't insist on patching those incorrect
spellings, I guess you are safe ;-). 
You really get in trouble when people start censoring the kernel for
its colorful commentaries (or is that colourful).  :)


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