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tlug: Stuff from today's meeting

Thanks to everyone who turned up today, and thanks to Alberto for
inviting me. A couple of things that turned up in the talk: is what Austin wants to use; it's a set of
Unix utilities in Perl. (REALLY useful if you've got a Windows machine
and need sensible tools - Cygnus is the other lifesaver there.) is what I meant for GPG, not

My microperl patch for configuring on any system is at

Also in that directory: is a mail auditing library in which you can write fetchmail
	replacements very easily; is the one I currently use.

	palmperl.tar.gz is my current effort to port Perl to the Palm
	ucLinux. It's not finished.

	perlix.tar.gz is a five meg download - please don't download it
	unless you're sure I'm not at home. If you do download it, untar it
	to a new partition and try booting with that as your root.

	Instead of getting the whole thing, get for a flavour of
	the awful horror within. is interesting if you like that sort of thing; it
	emulates config.guess

	The rest of it you don't want to touch.

I never vote for anyone.  I always vote against.
		-- W.C. Fields
Next Technical Meeting: March 11 (Sat) 13:30 Temple University Japan
* Topic: "What's new in Perl 5.6"
Guest speaker: Simon Cozens (TLUG Perl guru)
Next Nomikai Meeting: April 20 (Thu) Linux Conference 2000 Spring Ed.
more info:        Sponsor: Global Online Japan

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